Pink Hearts

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This pattern is part of a series of Sticky Note Drawings done as 10-minute meditative Zentangle sketches.

I later realized they are great patterns for hooked or punched rugs. 

Pink Hearts is available as a Rug Hooking or a Punch Needle pattern or Kit. Please let us know if you want a Punch Needle pattern (the design will be reversed). The design is intentionally not perfect.  The pattern is available in 18" x 18" (pillow size), other sizes by request.

The kit comes with an 18" x 18" pattern on either Linen or Monk's cloth and plenty of wool and/or yarn to complete this design. Please let us know in the comments what colors and materials you would like for the kit. The pattern and fabrics are shipped separately.  

Each pattern includes the backing with a hand-drawn design, a  4”+ border, and serged edge to prevent unraveling. Also included is a color image of the original pattern by S. Kirsten Gay. 

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