Latch Hook Kit - Summer Cape Cod Abstract Landscape complete kit with new Caron Hook

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Welcome to 'champagne latch'... this is the high-end, new world of latch hooking.
Late Summer, Cape Cod: This is the first of a monthly series that include a variety of fancy fibers and wools, and give you the opportunity to create something dazzling while revisiting the nostalgia of a 1970s hobby!

Measures 11"square and comes with pre-cut fibers divided into numbered bags. Numbered design key, drawn backing canvas, and a new Caron latch hook are also included.

Try your hand at this new, old craft. These long, novelty fibers and hand-dyed wools will give you a finished piece that is more art than craft.

Watch this video to learn how to latch, have, and personalize this abstract summerscape:

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