Holiday Advent Calendar: a Very Jane Austen Christmas

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Give yourself a gift this holiday season! This Holiday Advent Calendar includes 25 bags (December 1 - Christmas Day) filled with luxury supplies for hooking and punching. The Jane Austen-themed drawstring bags contain wools, silks, velvets, and other traditional materials for rugmaking. The color palette centers around the winter season and is soft, pastel, and traditional. Powder blues, salmon pinks, tweedy browns, charcoal heathers... think of the colors of Jane Austen's world with couples dancing at a ball or meeting in Bath's famous Pump Room. This is a gentle, winter palette meant to either add to your stash or use for unique patterns throughout the month. 
Starting December 1st I'll be posting an original Jane Austen 'Choose Your Own Adventure' called 'A Very Jane Christmas'-- just for fun. I'll write bits of a little, festive, mystery story and ask you each day to vote on what Jane should do next. The story will be set in England and play with classic British Holiday customs and folklore, with a hat tip to Jane's regency world of the 1820s. 
Some of the scenes will be turned into patterns you may want to hook/ punch as a souvenir of our 2023 holiday fun! The first 'Very Jane' pattern will be available in the Ribbon Candy Hooking shop soon-- but comes on monk's cloth as a bonus included in the Holiday Advent Calendar. 
***This product is 25 bags filled with surprise materials plus a bonus pattern on monk's cloth. Get yours while they're still in stock! 

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