Dreaming in the Garden

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Kitty (this cat’s name) is lounging in the garden on a warm afternoon. The simple composition leaves a lot of room for customizing the kitty or the background. The original drawing has inspiration from both pop art and a tiny bit of Henry Matisse.

I wanted it to be bright and cheerful, which would allow me to explore a brighter and lighter color palette. 11” x 11” designed, color planned, and hooked by Kirsten Gay Davenport. Created with wool yarn and cloth, sari silk, and velvet on a linen backing.

Dreaming in the Garden is available as a Rug Hooking or a Punch Needle pattern in two sizes. Please let us know if you want Punch Needle pattern (design is reversed).  The original hooked rug is 11” x 11” but it is also available as 18” x 18” (pillow size).

Each pattern includes the backing with the design hand-drawn, a  4”+ border and serged edge to prevent unraveling. Also included is a color photo of the completed design as hooked by Kirsten Gay Davenport. 

Listing is for pattern only. 

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