Designing Like… The GREAT AMERICAN QUILT, Zoom Workshop April-May 2022

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Have you noticed the trend in quilt patterns crossing over into Rug Hooking design? Well, this borrowing of quilting motifs goes right back to the beginning of rugmaking. Pearl and Jane McGown did a lot with combining traditional rug hooking motifs with quilt designs. The Barn Quilt movement has done a ton to seeing quilt patterns in a different light, displaying them as an architectural feature on farmhouse exteriors.

This month I want to look at the crossover potential of the Quug – The Quilt and the Rug. We will explore geometric patterning as a design element, as well as popular Baltimore Album, Hawaiian Applique, and Tivaevae motifs. We will look at some of the most important historic quilts and pull-out elements that will work best for a rug hooking composition.

You will be emailed a collection of pages with drawings and exercises we will do together in class. You will end up with a dozen or more quilt-inspired sketches that contain traditional motifs plus your unique personality and talent. Yes you will.

This class is recorded, so if you are not able to join live, you will still have the full benefit of the class and the same materials. 

AT the moment there are no future sessions planned for this class but you can buy the recording and workshop material.

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