Designing Like… Grandma Moses!! Zoom Workshop Sept 2022

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Get your Grandma groove on with the latest class in the 'Design Like...' series. This month's 'Design Like' will follow the firecracker career of Grandma Moses and look at her work for both its narrative storytelling quality and its naïve technical approach. Learn how to layer elements of a landscape to tell your stories, and in doing so, achieve the folk charm and vibrancy of a Grandma Moses original.
We will look at the work of two other artists who worked in a similar style. Augusta Simon, a New England painter who's legacy is lesser known was less prolific but an equally masterful folk artist who began her painting career at an accelerated age and yet managed to capture impossibly quaint depictions of Vermont and Connecticut villages and fairs that she loved to frequent. We will also look at the work of Edwardian British artist, Helen Bradley, who also worked in a similar style as Grandma Moses and infused her work with the character and flavor of the Lancashire countryside.
You will receive pages of drawing prompts to print out for games and exercises we do together in class. Class is recorded, so if you are not able to join either session live you will receive the same materials and instruction you would if you were logged on live. The class is recorded so all students receive a private link to the full class afterward.

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