Design Like... The Fairy Tale Storybook Zoom Workshop Oct 2022

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As the 'Hooked on Fairytales' exhibit is making its way around the country the romance of the imagery from the Golden Age of Illustration is inspiring and enchanting a new audience. Long-forgotten picture books bring back childhood memories and whimsical tales that are perfect subjects for new rug hooking projects. 

In this class we will look at illustrators who defined the classic fairy tale from Arthur Rackham to Kate Greenaway to Maxfield Parrish. Learn which images are in the public domain and can be used directly, and look at the selections from cannon of famous fairytale images to create your own designs. We will look at ten iconic illustrations and some lesser-known gems to help us create ten original fairytale designs that will translate perfectly to your rugmaking projects. This class will walk you through a variety of Fairytale styles and subjects and teach you tricks commonly used by past illustrators to define borders, create focus, and further the storytelling element in your composition.  

Drawing prompts and cues will be sent in advance of the class. If you can print them before class, they will come in handy. Otherwise, all you'll need is a pencil and pad of paper. With this particular class it would be additionally helpful to have a box of crayons. We will be talking about color as a primary focus. 

This class is recorded. If you are not able to join live you will receive the recording and all the same materials. The same class is offered on two dates. You are welcome to log on for either or both. 

As you may know, I am currently working on my second book, which revolves around these 'Design Like..... classes. In an effort to get more people involved, this month this class is offered as a BOGO - Buy one get one free. In other words, if you buy this class and a recording of a past class you will receive the (worth $20,-) recording for free.

Please find the previous classes here. 

Please let me know if you are working on projects you have created as a result of the 'Design Like....' series. I would love to use your work in the current book!

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