Beginner Class - Rug Hooking 1985 Cat: A Lesson in simple Techniques and Directional Hooking

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Welcome to Rug Hooking! Whether you are a Beginner or an Intermediate hooker and you'd like to learn more about basic techniques and directional hooking, this is a fun, stress-free class to practice and develop your intrinsic skills. '1985 Cat' comes as a kit with a 12"x 10" pattern, the hand-dyed wools as pictured. We will work, in a live class, on color placement, hooking, and making decisions about the few elements of this composition where there's room to put your personal spin and style. 

This is a great opportunity to make progress with an easy piece and to ask any questions you may have about hooking in general. All of my classes are NO PRESSURE events that are meant to be thorough and informative but inspiring and fun at the same time. I will love seeing you and getting you going with confidence and conviction!
June 22 6-8 pm 
July  9 4-6 pm

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