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'A Colony of Beetles' is taken directly from a painting I did as a freshman in college. I had a double major in graphic art and fashion design and I didn't like either. I was inspired by Edward Gorey in those days - my family had been living on Cape Cod and I'd seen Gorey, who was a proper recluse, at the movie theater. I'd also seen his animation opening up the BS series 'Mystery!' and I was inspired by all the busyness in his work. The assignment was to do something with bugs; in art school the assignments always seemed to be something disgusting. I decided to be a repeat pattern that combined the busyness of Edward Gorey with the colors of an Hermes scarf. 
I am bringing this design out on the coattails of the 'Dye Pigments for Fine Arts vs. Fiber Arts' video I did with my sister for the Ribbon Candy Hooking channel on youtube. We talk about lac beetles (lacquer, shellac) in the video and it reminded me of this painting that had gotten moldy and compromised over the years. Luckily, my sister being an art restorer, cleaned it up and framed it for her house. She likes bugs more than me. 
This is a GREAT pattern to do hit or miss. If you have a lot of leftover noodles in your scrap bag, you can go wild with color!
20" x 14" Pattern

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