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Baltimore Album Quilt Inspired Rug Hooking Pattern - Try to remember -

Ribbon Candy Hooking

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🎶 Try to remember the kind of September when no one wept except the willow... try to remember the kind of September when dreams were kept beside your pillow... try to remember the kind of September when love was an ember about to billow....try to remember and if you remember then follow🎶

Note: this is just for the design pattern transferred on a choice of different materials. 
Originally this was also released with a complete kit and introductory zoom class. The kit for this design is available in this website and you can contact us if you're interested in us scheduling more of the beginner zoom classes.

The Pattern is a 10" x 10" square

This design is the first in a 9 designs set of "Baltimore Album Quilt" inspired designs. Check them out in our store!