Coffee Time Recommendations

Episode Jan 8th 2021
Episode Dec 18th 2020
  • Floorcloth Books - make your own painted floorcloths with canvas and acrylics:


    • Designing Handmade Rugs: Inspiration for Hooked, Punched, and Prodded Projects. by Annie Sherburne
    (Photograph courtesy of Langmann Gallery )
    Episode: Nov 13: Fine Artists who Rug Hooked... Emily Carr


    Episode: Nov 12.- Fine Artists who also Rug Hooked


    Episode: Nov 10. Fine Artists who Hooked... Marguerite Zorach

    • This is a beautiful book called: The Modern Embroidery Movement that features Marguerite and the beautiful domestic scene I showed you in this episode of her daughter, Dahlov's, kitchen, and more.
    • This is an exhibit book from a show in Portland, Maine called 'Harmonies and Contrasts'
    • And this one is called 'Clever Fresno Girl' - a collection of Marguerite's writings