Silk Tie Lots

I have been having a ball hooking with wool I dyed with silk neckties. I did this video tutorial that starts with dyeing in white and then, a few days later I dyed more ties on colored backgrounds, and tacked that addendum to the video. Super fun, and always a surprise. You can't control or anticipate the result but, as life is a bit lackluster right now, its fun to be surprised. The finished wool is also great for appliqué. 

If you want to give it a try, I'm listing a ton of silk tie sets soon so this is a preview. I will be listing HUNDREDS (yes, what's wrong with me) but these are the first. All sets are 10 silk ties.

I feel compelled to say I was quilting with neckties and the hobby became a Stephen King type horror obsession. Hence I have thousands of ties and finally found the crossover between neckties and hooking!

Watch the tutorial below:

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