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I just love it here, even in the miserable rain and wind! And it has been dreadful weather-wise but I am still enjoying myself immensely!

The first thing we do when we arrive is give the kids their 'Cape Cod Boxes' (CCBs). We talk about these boxes half the year - starting on December 26. It's a tradition in our family starting with my parents to pack a big mysterious box for the summer holiday. The kids decorate the outside of the box but they can't open it until we arrive at the hotel. We sneak a couple of nights in at a motel before we shift to the weekly-rental cottage where we stay for two weeks. 

Getting ready to open the Cape Cod boxes

When we arrived poor old Joc was sick the first couple of days. Weird ailment - she seemed pukey in the morning a couple days but rallied to the point of become a ferel animal by midday. 

One of the challenges was that that little motel where we always stay changed overnership this year. We were told the pool would be OPEN and called to confirm--- then when we arrived (you guessed it) NOT open. It's so frustrating because I'd brought a bunch of pool toys to dive for and the pool has interior lights so it's fun to swim when it's dark - frustrating and typical. 

They did have a little pond out back with ducks and geese. That was there even when I was a child and we'd tack a few extra days onto our trips then too. 

Sandwich, the town where we are the first couple of days, has a great skate park for the kids, so it's fun to shoot over there in the evenings and let them exercise. Teddy's style is that of a sloth out on a Sunday drive. Joc is more of a calculated daredevil who I need to constantly watch. 

My mom, my sister and I went to one of my favorite museums anywhere- The Cahoon Museum, featuring the work of Ralph and Martha Cahoon. 

There was a special exhibit on the work of mid-century Native American abstract artists. 

Amazing how modern some of the work from the 1950s and 1960s was. 

The heart of the museum is Ralph and Martha's work. I am so forever in love with the mermaids and the hot air balloons. So was Jackie Kenndy and all of the high profile collectors over the years. 

The museums is about to mount what sounds like the largest Scrimshaw exhibit ever seen. This is a Sailor's Valentine - one of the whimsies the Cahoons loved to make. 

My all-time favorite painting is this original by Ralph of Julia Child in the kitchen. Julia had Ralph cover her boobs and also hid all the wine bottles he had painted. He gave her a plume of steam for a brazier and turned the empty wine bottles into other props. 

Joc made a come-back and started to feel electric again...Thank you, God. I kept saying - I wish I could take this sickness away from you and let you have a happy vacation.... (foreshadowing)

I hit the Sandwich Antiques Center and found these stunning, original rugs. Made by the same person in town but they couldn't remember the name. 

When we checked out of the motel we took our leisurely drive up-Cape along Route 6A, also called the Old King's Highway. It runs along the Bay and is lined with old Sea Captain's Houses - it's just a dream. I noticed a tiny festival was happening in a field beside a windmill. 

Joc was so happy to find a seller who made soaps shaped like Pokemon characters. We bought a bunch and were very excited. 

I pull down those many side roads and just wander. We found a little, rocky beach where there were some busy horseshow crabs. As Barry Manillow said 'Time in New England took me away... to long rocky beaches....'

The next day it was SUNNY! We were settled into our cabins on the pond and feeling relaxed and at the same time eager to visit all the places we love. 

There are about 30 cabins here, and three rowboats, little grills. I was thinking this might be a good future spot for a retreat. It's be fun to visit friends in our little respective cabins and meet down on the beach. When it's just off-season (like now) it's completely empty. 

Teddy is my of an 'indoor cat' as he puts it, but Joc needs to be in the water, like mama. I row the boat and she hangs on, like a barnacle, in her donut raft. 

So many summers of this - as far back as I can remember. Except it was me and my sister, Jessica, and my dad rowing the boat. It was his favorite place in the whole world, and I would give anything to have another summer here with him. 

He would love to see his grandkids here, same view as fifty years ago. How they would love to meet him and hear all his horrifying stories of sea monsters poking out of the lake. He always had me believing he saw a huge tail over my shoulder when I wasn't looking. It made it impossible for me to swim across the pond for many years. It's further than it looks!

On Sunday we always go to the Wellfleet flea market. Joc found three hooked rugs - all the same pattern but hooked in different colors. I'll show you those later. 

Joc's main reason for coming to the market is for petting dogs. She stayed with this little sweetheart, Pufferina, for a LONG time - bought lots of perfume too!

The next day I was terribly sick. Sick overnight, could not wake up. Horribly nauseus and lightheaded. I was in bed until noon, then I heard a little voice in the other room say 'I hope we can do something today' and I rallied. I took a ton of medicine and took them into town. We walked along Main Street, Chatham for hours - in the sun. Don't ask me how I survived. I was fine though - it hit me like a train and then left me ravaged and weak. This rubber ducky store is one of their favorites. 

The next day I was 100%. We went to Wellfleet - to Uncle Tim's Bridge. On this tiny island there are TONS of hermit crabs and horseshoe crabs. Teddy really melted down - he is terrified of this place. I keep thinking it'll pass but this year he really lost it, so I let him stay in the car and relax. We had a quick walk around and, in retrospect, it's better I didn't force him - which I never would - because there were tons and tons of crabs popping out near our feet and tons of dead horeshoes - which he is even more scared of than the living ones. 

Joc is still very much in the habit of shouting 'chipotle' and wagging her butt at me. I'm not sure how this evolved but it's been going on a really long time. 


I love the skate park in Wellfleet because it's across from the ocean, in the same parking lot as an OLD used bookshop I've been going to for decades, and also beside a restaurant that does take-out food AND cocktails. 

The graphitti art in this park is really stellar - I see all kinds of things in it after a good drink. I usually take my sketchbook because it's so inspiring. 

This is the very place where I tore my shoulder out last year and needed therapy for months and months. It seems like there might be some kind of warning here, but I missed it. 

We stop at a lobster shack when we're in Wellfleet. It's on the beach and it always makes a pretty picture when Joc gets going climbing. 

The climbing just never stops. She must have been a spider monkey in a past life. 

My indoor cat loves to go on adventures but he's not as busy. He loves searching for retro video games and plush characters he collects. He is always with me, more mellow, but loving every minute. 

They both love the old Brewster General Store. No candy costs a penny anymore. But it's fun to find some traveling snacks!

Joc met two beautiful standard poodles outside the country store. They presented themselves and just wanted pets for ages. 

Teddy bought a jawbreaker. When I hear 'jawbreaker' I HEAR 'throat plug'. We smashed it with a rock so I didn't have to have a breakdown thinking about him choking. Turns out it made the must beautiful, colorful pattern. Hmmmmm....

I've been finding little odds and ends - quilt fabric - little sweet, things in thrift shops. 

I've been working away on my Devil's Purse piece for my brother-in-law's birthday. 

If you are a Patreon member, you should have received my June greeting and free pattern. I am LOVING working on this part strips/ part yarn hit or miss!

I'll get it into the store too. And I'll be back to you soon with news on this morning's Cranberry Guild rug show - it was SUPER FUN!!



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