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Nancy Thomas' "The Wait" Pattern is this Month's Giveaway

Posted by Deana David on

October Giveaway: 'The Wait' by Nancy Thomas
To celebrate the introduction of over 120 (and counting) Nancy Thomas patterns, this month's giveaway contest is for this 12"×16" pattern on linen. This was part of Nancy's celebrated children's series of months.
To enter visit our Facebook post (click here) or Youtube clip (click here) leave a comment there and I will issue you a number. Drawing will be Wednesday October 14th during Coffee Time. I will contact the winner directly.
Good luck and check out the growing Nancy Thomas collection at:
(***If you have already purchased this pattern and you win I will send you 'Witches' instead)

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  • I love the Colors and the beauty of telling the story depicted, beautiful colors

    Susan Walsh on

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